Wayfinding system and environmental graphic design

Color, joy and order. The wayfinding system organizes and conceptualizes the route.

We designed the wayfinding system for the Kruger corporation. The project consisted of conceptualizing each floor of the K + building by means of a functional chromatic system, on each floor a different color was used to sectorize different areas.



Information signs at the reception of the building


Information signs at the reception of the building



System of signals applied in the selected columns of the building



Transparent acrylic numbers on reception colors


Identification and informative columns for the first floor


Identification and informative columns for the fourth floor


Numbers and colors applied on the stairs of the building

   Informative and prohibitive pictograms.


Informative and prohibitive pictograms.


Pictograms, messages and conceptualized spaces were designed for each sector of the building.


Signage for bathrooms


We designed a series of striking and playful graphic concepts with the aim of awakening creativity in the company.


Conceptualization and design of meeting room around the concept of team play


Glasses were used to take advantage of them as strategy boards


The conceptual proposal was designed to generate a tangible sensation with the use of artificial turf



Conceptualization for meeting room with the theme of exploration and search of ideas

   Details of the interior of the submarine room


Details of the interior of the submarine room


Entrance door to the rocket lift

We played with the interaction of the elevators to create fun playful concepts.


Elevator on the ground floor of the building


Infinite room design


Platinum Award
Creativity International
Awards 2014


Platinum Award. First prize in theWayfinding and Environmental graphics category for Kruger Corporation. Located: United States


Selected Bid 2014
Iberoamerican Design Biennial

Selected for the exhibition and catalog Bid 14 with the Kruger project "Wayfinding and Environmental graphics Design"

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